Many IP experts are using digital communication channels, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, or their webpages for online marketing and business development. The Online Marketing editions of the 🎯 IP Management Pulse Newsletter are providing you with best practice examples from the global IP community and guides how to improve your online marketing.

Customer journeys or for most IP experts precisely “client journeys” in online marketing are increasingly vital for expert branding because they allow IP experts to understand and anticipate client needs at every touchpoint. By mapping these journeys, IP experts can create personalized, seamless experiences that enhance client satisfaction and loyalty. This proactive approach helps personal brands of IP experts to stand out in a competitive market, ensuring they meet client expectations and build lasting relationships, ultimately driving growth and profitability.

The 🎯 IP Management Pulse summarizes the latest developments in global IP/IP management every 14 days. It includes the most important LinkedIn posts, IP experts who are worth following, deep dives into individual topics, online event information and an online learning nugget on IP management.

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The May 2024 special edition about online marketing for IP Experts of the 🎯 IP Management Pulse covers the topic “Client Journey”, with posts about:

  • What is a client journey?
  • What is the perfect LinkedIn post?
  • What is inbound and outbound marketing for IP experts?

How is online marketing implemented practically and successfully by IP experts? We interview our partners about their experiences, learnings and best practices. This month we are introducing two IP experts who implement online marketing excellently in practice along their client journeys. Here are the links to these interviews:

To make the development, implementation, and practical use of own client journeys as simple and concrete as possible for IP experts, we support you with our free online marketing guides. These are explanations with practical examples of successful applications of the “Customer/Client Journey” concept. A tool is also explained there that supports you in the practical application of the concept. Here is the link to the Online Marketing Guide “Customer Journey”.